30 Day Writing Challenge. DAY 1: Your current relationship or how single life is

Single life. Right. I don’t think I have been single since sixth grade. Of course this doesn’t make me sad or unhappy it’s all part of the choices I made and I would be lying if I said I regretted them. Being in a relationship is work. A lot and lot and LOT of work. Not only are you controlling your emotions but also, being the human that you are, you try and control the other person’s emotions and decisions. Of course over time I have realized that is a futile task to indulge in.


I have been in a relationship for seven months now. I want to go into a tangent which will seem like a cliche but I have never gone there before in the past. None of the past seven relationships have made me feel this way.

Let me tell you a bit about this boy. He is funny. Funny as fuck. He can make you laugh and how. He is intelligent, probably amongst one of the most intelligent people I know. He will give you reason, for the most stupid questions you ask him. He sings, sings like a dream. I could hear him sing forever if he would sing for me, also plays the piano and the drums and dabbles with the guitar and about a million other instruments. I don’t know how he manages to, but he does. He loves The Beatles and Nirvana and The Doors. But he loves The Beatles the most. He sketches. He plays football ( and looks really good while he does that, just saying) He plays basketball and a million other things. He is super weird, that is one of my favourite parts but the best part about him, he is a good person. When I look at him I see warmth and love and home. He is one of those people who would never hurt you and would give you your space to grow while loving you with everything he has. And that is what he does. He loves me. I never believed anyone could love me but he does. With everything and I wake up everyday feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

We met at my best friend’s birthday party and a year and a very bad Harry Potter pick up line later, we were dating.

We are weird together. I don’t think I can keep myself from reaching out for him when he is around and I can’t stop smiling when he is around me. We spend hours together and I have no clue what we talk about because most of it is absolute crap but it’s the most beautiful crap you will ever hear. He is always there for me. Always. My instant drug to stay happy, that is what he is. He is the Ron to my Hermione. The Han Solo to my Princess Leia. The Frodo to my Sam

He is also magic in bed. Oh my God. Mind blowing would be a gross understatement. If I say I burst, that would be almost covering it. And it’s safe to say he is the best kisser in the world. I am not even making that up

Being in a relationship is a lot of work, but being in love? That isn’t. It never is meant to be. And this time around I am in a relationship where I am in love. For real. I have never felt the ache of being away from another human being but him. I have never felt the need to be around someone as much as I want to be around him. I have never wanted show my love to anyone the way I want to show my love to him and I have never thought that someone’s happiness would mean so much to me that I would give up mine just to see them happy (except of course my best friends)

He is magic. He is. I know because they don’t make people like him and only some crazy magic would make him love me.

We are in a long distance relationship and that being said I have never been so sure of another person and a relationship like I am of him and us.

I am finally in a place where I get it. The Beatles references. The movies. The Books. The love. I get it. I get why the world revolves around it. I get why my heart bursts every time we meet and why the world seems brighter and why my brain becomes mush when he laughs, that oh so sexy laugh of his. When he tells me he loves me and I die. When he takes a train all the way just to meet me even though he has to be studying for his papers. I get why I love him. It has no reason, just instinct.


Just love

Just him

Just us

Just the best relationship I’ve ever been in


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