30 Day Writing Challenge. DAY 2: Where would you like to be in 10 years

Where will I be in ten years? I don’t think I know where I want to be tomorrow, ten years is huge. I shall try and answer this the best way I can. Lennon had once answered a similar question with one word “Happy”.

Ten years later I want to look back at my ten years and hope that they were well spent. That I did everything I wanted to do and have no regrets. Ten years later I want to be happy.

I want to have finished my graduation (successfully, the way it’s going now it seems to be doubtful) with a full Psychology major. After which I want to work with an organization for two years which pays me enough so that I can pay for my MA.  I want to sit for my TISS exam and pass it and do my MA. in Social Work/ Human Rights.  Then I want to work. Till however long. This of course is my practical plan.

My real plan is finish college ( two more years!) and then take a year off. A year of to see my country. To travel, to stay up and write in random parts. To meet people whose stories I want to make a part of my life.  I want to come back with experiences greater than you and me, bigger than the footprints and souvenirs of memories I take back.




I want to work with a Human Rights organisation after that, for two years. I want to dedicate those two years to helping people and giving a voice to those whose voices have been silenced. To people who were born as free as I but chained the minute they could see the world. The world which to us is not black or white, but coloured but for them, it’s grey.

Then I want to sit for my Human Rights exam and finish my masters. While I am doing my masters start my own sight which highlights human rights issues and works with voluntourists (Tourists who spend their holidays in different parts of the world volunteering for a good cause) and we get to hear their stories of the world and it’s people and these stories don’t just remain in diaries but are shared with a much larger audience.

I want to get married after this. I want to marry this boy I have been in love with for the past seven months, of course teh time seems short and many non-believers would say it won’t last. But I don’t care, if I can and if I could I would marry that boy right here, right now. But I can’t, so in six years I hope to be married to this man.

I want to have stayed/traveled with two out of three of my best friends till then.

I want travel. Travel the world in the next ten years and not stop, ever. I want to change the world and not stop till I change it. I want to get married and be in love and be loved by this man and be happy. I want to work with my best friends and I want to love their children and bring them up like I would if I had my own.

I want to be happy. And this makes me happy. The trivial world makes me happy.

Also I hope to master the piano/ Hindustani Classical music in 10 years. That too.

And cover all the places on my ‘places to eat’ and ‘adventure( or like my mother calls it death wish) sports’

I want to also get all my five tattoos by then.

And I don’t want to fall out of love with anyone. I just want to fall in love with things.

I want to take risks. I want to take chances.


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