30 Day Writing Challenge. DAY 3: Your views on drugs and alcohol

Before I start I want to say that I have never tried drugs, well except prescribed medication and no alcohol either, well except the once when I drank wine with my aunt. That is about it. So this a very biased opinion of the two most popular past times ( and religion for a few) amongst the population


I believe that anything in large amounts, including the good things is harmful. Indulgence in one thing- good,bad,ugly- is harmful.

Alcohol. The say it’s a beautiful poison. I say that we get so lost in it’s beauty that we forget it kills. It slowly kills your reason, you senses and makes you forget the reason why you loved feeling the liquid pour down your throat.  My father drinks. A lot. More than a lot. He never got mad or upset when he drank though. He got quiet and I feel like every night that he drinks, I lose him a little. He becomes upset and I have to wait till the next morning so that i can see him be himself again. My best friend drinks. She loves the liquid pouring down her throat, she loves the taste and smell of it and she says she can control it.  But I know how she is drunk and I know how worried I get.


Alcohol I believe should be consumed as long as you know you can handle it. As long as after you down those pegs after pegs you can still tell the difference between the people. Difference between the stories.

I don’t drink because the smell of alcohol makes me uneasy and makes me feel vulnerable. I feel like I am not strong enough, not is a ‘self-control to not drink’ way but ‘someone will hurt me way’. Especially around men who drink. The smell brings this weird phobia to the surface I never knew I had

Drugs. Euphoria they call it. A high. I don’t have very many opinions on this because the only opinion I have is: fuck no. It’s dangerous and way more addictive than anything else. Barring weed. Weed is the poor man’s high and sometimes a base to the all the Acid Pops and LCDs.

Then again I also don’t do drugs or drink because staying home and watching PowerPuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory were better options in my head ( Yes, I was an adult by then)

Alcohol and drugs are no more a get away, they are a ‘stay here’ invitation. The whole debate about it’s goodness or ‘bad-ness’ changes because the arguments are different now. I think it’s not an escape no more but a way to get people to be part of the social structure.

Of course ALL this being said I don’t think it’s right to stop someone from indulging in the habits as long as they don’t hurt you. In any way.  The life they choose includes the rich taste of the acid and the smells of the euphoric oblivious living.

I have a lot of people saying stuff to my friends who drink or do weed that “Hey. You will die if you do that” which in my opinion is the stupidist thing to say to a person. Of course he will die. Whether or no he does it. I will die and I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs. We all will die. Death, my friend, is the only truth anyone is sure about.

That was never the reason why I hated it or the social stigma surrounding the two. I didn’t want my friends to do it because alcohol and drugs, they change you. They change who you really are. They change the person you could’ve been. A person you wanted to but lost on the way. Unless of course you aren’t the part of the majority. Unless of course that was your plan all along.

I think that maybe one day all this crap i say about alcohol and drugs may come tumbling down. Maybe one day i won’t feel the same way

Again this is the extreme of alcohol and drugs. Probably on a milder state I have not many opinions. Something along the lines of

But till that day comes around, my views will be as hazy as your mind gets when your down 5 shots of Tequila.


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