30 Day Writing Challenge. DAY 4: Your Views on Religion

” Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us. And no religion too. And the world will be as one. You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one”- John Lennon

The earliest memory I have of religion when I was in second grade and some girls cornered me in the bathroom and asked me which religion I belonged to, I had no fucking clue what they were talking about, I stared at them blankly and then they repeatedly asked me this question, finally one of them asked me which God i prayed to at home. My grandmother had Krishna’s and Jesus Christ’s statue in the small temple at home but I said Krishna because there was more of him. They broke into a smile and said ” Oh! She’s a Hindu.”
Utterly confused I went home and asked my mom “What is Religion”

Religion for me will always be a mystery. I don’t actively follow my religion but I don’t disrespect those who do. Anyone who can follow any religion isn’t wrong in doing so, in my opinion. I do though have a problem with religious fanatics who are out to prove that their religion and their teachings are better than the rest

That their truth, is the only truth. This goes to Atheist too, their religion is science of course. As much as they would like to disagree. They impose their beliefs and facts (teachings) to the religious (non-believers), I believe it amounts to the same thing.

Religion even today practices and believes firmly in hierarchy and a structure of sorts from which no one is can truly be free. Hinduism still practices untouchability, Christianity discriminates in the way you practice faith and even Buddhism discriminates on similar grounds.


I think the idea of religion of equality and treating men with equal amount of respect was just part of paper, never practice. With time religion, I believe vanished and in it’s place stood a farce/superstition behind which stood Politics.


My religion changes, so do my beliefs. I respect people with religion. I can’t stand the dogma attached to it and the pain that comes out of belonging to a particular faith. I hate the idea that if I believe one part of a religion is better than another I should be scared of the soci-cultural backlash even though it’s an honest opinion.

I also think not having any religion is a religion to. You have an idea and a set of beliefs and practices that you follow, which you may or may not propagate with different degrees of assertiveness. I think religion is a part of us. I think it’s lost but the facade of it, or the running definition will always be a part of me and you.

The thing I think I can’t stand about how religion is practiced is the way it advocates, via the holy books (which are sometimes misinterpreted via the religious leaders) the right and wrong of a world where right and wrong is chosen on basis of convenience. I hate that people can take these examples of things advocated in the books and call it religious reasons for totally shunning people and groups from communities. Of course this is no fault of religion in itself, but the people who believe in it so vehemently they can’t see faults in it’s working.


The thing I think I love about religion is that it can be as simple and as complex as you make it. Also that it gives a certain amount of hope and faith to the faithless. It’s beautiful, in that sense. How something which almost makes up human life and it’s settings can be as simple as praying in the train to building big gold platted statues for. I love that the same religion can have good people practicing and advocating it and making and not making it part of who they are similarly bad people practice the same rules and principles and advocate the religion and may or may not make it part of who they are

Religion for me always will be finding faith in other people. Things. Places. And answers i make for myself. That or nothing is my religion. Of course this doesn’t mean I have no love for those who follow a wider religion

A very wise old man had once said to me, about Islam, a religion a lot of people make to be a religion of the ‘terrorists’ (which is utter crap.) and a religion which has many orthodox laws in many middle east countries:

“Yeh mahsab bohot aasan hai beti. Agar sar par dupatta nahi hai, toh bhi bhagwan aapko dua dengey”

“This religion, my love, is very simple. Even if your head isn’t covered (when you enter the mosque) God will still bless you”

Which made me realize, religion, even the one’s people follow collectively is viewed so differently. So simple and so complex.



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