30 Day Writing Challened. DAY 5: How would you describe yourself

This is probably one of the toughest topics EVER. So much to say but nothing to write, aah the agony!

How would I describe myself. I want to paint this very cool and awesome picture of me but I can’t really. I am ordinary.

I find happiness in little things like finding out that I still have coke left from a night before, that the book I am reading has a few more pages left, that I answered in class when there was this super smart discussion, that I got an extra piece of chicken in my Chicken Curry and Neer Dosa. The fact that humans say nice things about me, the wind blowing in my face when it’s a hot day, that my room has more books than I can possibly read that in two months I will be going home to my best friend and boyfriend. I believe that you should be your dreams. You should dreamer bigger and larger than life itself and you should follow those dreams. And I think if you don’t achieve those dreams, it’s okay because you tried to follow them and that takes courage in itself. I also believe in little things, dreams, everyday people, me make the biggest change

I am not the smartest person around. I am not the quietest either. I stand up for what i believe in, even if doing so scares me shitless. I take extra care to look pretty when I am out with the boyfriend even though he thinks I would look good even without taking a bath, unkept hair and food stuck in my mouth. I do things based on how I feel that particular morning and refuse to engage in things that upset me over long periods. I also read things that are super serious and sometimes love movies with social issues and work in areas where happiness is measured and given.

You will find me in the trains, in parks, laughing and crying and I will be the girl you will easily forget but always describe because there are millions like me.

I am confused as fuck. About life, about people, about my feelings towards them. I am also twisted. I am one of the most twisted people I know and one of the most sorted people others know. I don’t trust myself and like myself sometimes but on most days I think I am a good human being.

I have a lot of doubts about myself and who I am and what I am doing in life and whether it really adds up to anything and how I need to change the world. Like every warm blooded teenager. But I think I can’t and that I won’t make a difference.

I am also lazy. I make promises to myself that I don’t keep. The only promises I keep are those to my best friends. I think they are the only people who bring out the best in me and see the best in me.

I am lost and I am also sure of where I am going.

I am confused. Did I already say that?

I also firmly believe

But I forget.

So basically I am your average teenager, lost on how to explain who she is but has a plethora of things that she wants to say and great things that describe her but can think of nothing. I am, so to say, ordinary.


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