30 Day Challenge. DAY 6: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

1. I have a mole on top of my left ear which is not visible till I push my hair back and point it out. It’s big and not pretty. But not easily visible

2. I have tried hookah when I was in tenth standard


3. I gulped Red Wine down, just a bit, once when I was upset.

4. I search for luck in everything new. Including necklaces I wear, shoes I try for the first time

5. I have had eight boyfriends and one text relationship

6. I pass unconscious judgements on how people dress

7.I try only the chocolate flavours in ice-cream shops

8. I am obsessed with clean toilets

9. I have been sexually involved with four guys. Slept with two and been in love with one.

10. I have sent sexy- top less and everything- photos to my boyfriend.

11. I can’t call someone my best friend till they don’t say it first. To scared to take the first step

12. I can say ‘I love you’ too easily. I meant it rarely. To few.

13. I get mad easily but don’t show it

14. I am super sensitive. I cry at the drop of an emotional quote.


15. I write well only if I am filled with a negative emotion

16. I am friends with people I don’t like very much anymore

17. I get jealous easily

18. I am the most passive possessive person you will meet

19. I don’t like Pokemon.

20. I always loved Courage, Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory

21. If a book doesn’t interest me in the first three pages, I can’t read it. I have more books than I can read. I am a complusive book buyer.

22. I hate competitive sports

23. I am only outwardly brave, inside, I am scared shitless

24. I have a bucket list, stuff like:

25. I want to get married. (like by the time I am 24 or something.)

26. I want to work for human rights, but I am all talk no work

27. I think of death, dying and killing and other gruesome things a lot, they come as passing thoughts. I have learnt not to pay attention to them

28. I can’t look at dogs/babies when I am eating food

29. I get euphoric when someone touches/plays/braids my hair

30.  My best friends are more important than 99% of my family to me

Also, because I want to

31. I want five tattoos. Maybe more, but those five for sure.


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