30 Day Challenge. DAY 7- Your Zodiac Sign and if you think it fits your personality

I am a Capricorn. I ALWAYS go through those horoscopes and those horoscope books, just to know what I am supposed to be like. When I read the Day 7 challenge, I thought “PSSH. I KNOW ALL ABOUT MAH SIGN”, now I sit down to write it and know/remember nothing.

Anyway, after googling “Capricorn” “Am I Capricorn” “Why are capricorns Goats” “Goats” “Farm” “Old McDonald had a farm eeiioooeeiiooo” I found this

“Capricorns are hard working, determined, ambitious,practical, realistic and stubborn in terms of achieving their goal. For them life is one big project, a business approach to life and unforgiving to those who aren’t ambitious about life” and so on and so forth.

I would LOVE to say I am one of those boring things or that none of that is true. But it is. I believe in achievement. I thrive on achieving and reaching the top. Everything is a means to an end in terms of my goals to me, I am super practical and work super hard and am VERY ambitious. BUT I am also lazy, I leave things the minute I get bored or am not forced to stick to it. I believe everyone should do what makes them happy even if achievement is not one of the things on their list, but they shouldn’t ride on another’s success and give credit where credit is due. I believe life shouldn’t be a means to an end and try to practice it sometimes too. But fail. 

I try to be the carefree, cool girl from the books, but I can’t.  reaching the top, achieving my goals and going via my five year plan is important to me. I work super hard to complete things I commit to but also slack and laze around. I try to calm the fuck down and relax, but relaxing makes me feel useless and I can NOT feel useless. So that. Again being this person, the one who works for whatever she gets in life, to do well in life is super important to me AND it makes me happy. The exhaustion, the feeling of working super hard for something and getting praise for it, means a lot to me. I don’t think I don’t like this person, on the contrary I like the person I am.


“They are down to earth and aren’t interested in crazy ideas. Greedy and materialistic, but are too practical to let this carry them away”

I agree about the down to earth, greedy and materialistic bit. I am. I also don’t get carried away with the idea of it all though. But saying I am not into crazy ideas is stupid. I LOVE to crazy spontaneous ideas. My crazy may not be getting sloshed and never going back home, but it will be climbing the gate to get home, or travelling to places I have never been, just because I want to, nothing planned. To wake up and go out instead of heading to college/work because I feel like! So that is a part of me that isn’t much Capricorn

Much materialism. Such money.

” Loyal friends, romantic on the inside but expect the man to show love, they have mood swings” and a lot more

On a whole I think I am a Capricorn through and through. I am super loyal and will always be there for my friends. they are my life, I have tons of mood swings and people usually take me on their team because they know I will always come through. I love working and love responsibility. I also respect authority. In terms of love though, I love really easily and am super romantic from day one. I am not hard to please and don’t need much to fall in love. But when I love, I give it my all. Also they say Capricorns can go all night long in the bedroom and have tons of stamina. Um, I would like to say that is not true for every Capricorn. Some of us are just, um, a little less healthy you see.

Normal people- more sex! YEAH!
Me: Let’s lie down. Never move. I am done. Much tired.



MOSTLY I am a Capricorn. A much weird and crazy one at that.

Also I am a goat.



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