30 Day Challenge. DAY 8: Your relationship with your best friend.

To begin with, I don’t have one best friend. I have three. I have three beautiful girls I call my best friend. So let me break down my relationship with each one of them

1. Best Friend number 1

She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She was in my class in 6th grade and that was the last time we were in the same class. We became best friends in 8th grade and I have never ever looked back since. I was a brat and I was obnoxious but she still loved every part of me with everything she had. I was and still am the more ‘shower love’ on her kind of friend and she the ‘I love you but I will never say it, except after I watch Bride Wars kind of girl. She won’t talk/call you till she feels like it and would expect you to do the same. The relationship we have isn’t based on how many times we call each other or how many times we meet. We have gone far beyond that. For us, we know that no matter what happens. Who we become friends with, who all become our best/worst friend and the people we date. We know that at the end of the day we will always remain best friends. She knows that she will always be family and more to me. She is my guiding star, my moral compass and I am not myself if I don’t have her and our memories. She has been there through all the stages of me from- Obnoxious to fighting to ‘let’s not bitch’ to responsible to hopeless to the now me. I owe a lot to her. For being there and never leaving. We are an old married couple really, words don’t need to fill the time and the physical distance (she lives in another city) between us is something we’ve learned to live with. Every time I am with her, I am me. She has seen me in my best and my worst and loved me through it all. The old, stupid me and I know that is okay, because she loves all of it.

Have been asked that on one too many occasions

2. Best Friend number 2.

How we became best friends is weird. Also that had to happen because that is what our relationship is like: weird. We met in 6th grade and fought. In 7th grade we became best friends. In 8th grade we stopped being best friends. In 9th grade much hate for each other happened. In 10th grade a sleepover and a few messages later friendship bloomed. In 11th grade we became super close. In 12th grade we were co-dependent and somewhere in the middle of ALL of this, we became best friends. She is my baby. Every dirty, horrible and ghastly truth about me: she knows. She also knows me better than I know myself. She also believes in me more than anyone in the world. I always believe I mother her, but unknowingly somewhere it happens the other way round. We are weird. There are no boundaries in our relationship. We pee in front of each other, she can’t sleep away if she sleeps next to me, I can’t stop being ‘Delhi’ when I am with her, no concept of what should and shouldn’t be said. We have discussions about the world and it’s mysteries and also our bowel movements. About poets and their poetry and arm hair. We live far away but it has not stopped us from being us. As long as we love each, through the distance, that is enough. Of course it doesn’t help that we are super possessive. This relationship is very screwed up. I hate her new friends and she hates mine not because they are bad because we hate having to share. That being said we know that no one can take precedence in our lives than each other. Also, we have this weird revenge shizzle we do also block each other out sometimes, but the flaw in our plan is that we can never be that way for more than an hour. I love this woman. More than life itself. We are soul mates.

3. Best Friend number 3

She is the love of my life. I can’t begin to describe her. She is best friend number one and two. I need to be around her more than anyone else because she is my dose of crazy, good crazy. She is my dose of normal. She is beautiful and smart and funny and she will love you like you are the only person in the world to deserve that loving. We became best friends over a year back. I go back home every once a month so that I can see her or I talk to her at least four times a week because I can’t function without telling her each and every part of my life. No matter how mundane it is. I also believe that i wouldn’t have been the person I am today without her. She and I are co-dependent. We have other million people for us but when it comes down to her and me there is nothing more beautiful in life. What i share with her is hard to put into words. She and I are crazy and retarded and take joy in the simpler things in life, like climbing gates or coming up with cool theories and stories. We can’t go without talking/seeing each other for too long. I hate it when she makes new best friends and she doesn’t really because she knows no matter what I will love her the most. All my advice taking on important and ridiculous things happens with her because she will be honest and nothing but that. No matter how much I want her to be otherwise. She is my sunshine so to say, I am nothing but a cranky boring human being without her. She is the weird in me. She is my world.


I share unique and important and magical relationships with all three of them. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. I would give up all the good in my life to see them happy. Of course that would also mean I would have to give them up because they are the magic to my life. These girls are the most important people in my life and that will never change. I love you guys. Forever. And always.


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