30 Day Writing Challenge. DAY 9: What you hope your future will be like

My future. I imagine parts of what I hope it to be like everyday

I hope that I am happy

I hope I am still in love

I hope I am rich

I hope I have traveled.

Traveled my country

Traveled another’s

Seen my country through and the world through my eyes

Understood it through another’s

I hope the man I marry is a man I love

I hope the man I love is the man from now

I hope the people I love are still a huge part of my life

I hope the job I have is something I love doing

I hope I have more experiences than money

I hope when I walk the streets, I am respected and not raped

I hope that people are accepted for things they can’t change about themselves and not ostracized

I hope the violence against each other, reduces. Stops.

I hope we live.

I hope we survive.

I hope we change.

I hope we make a change.

I hope I don’t lose sight of really living my life in the madness of the rat race

I want to look at my world and believe that there is hope

I hope that I never stop writing

I hope my blog idea with bestfriend#3 works out

I hope I have made my mom travel the world with me

I hope that even if my future is nothing like this, I am happy


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