30 Day Challenge. Day 14- Your Earliest memory

My earliest memory. Wow, the only thing that I remembered when I read this was me being really young like 2 or 3 and my mom and my brother were chilling and I wanted to chill with them but they refused because I was a baby and they were having their moment and they had their secret. Also mom threw something and I went to hunt for it and it turned out to be a band-aid. They laughed and were being weird. I never understood it and never understand why that is probably one of my earliest memories but it is. I think a large part of it is because they are the same entity even now. or at least my brother is closer to my mom than I am and a part of me is super jealous of this closeness they have. I always wanted to be on my mom’s team but she had already chosen the baby she wanted because she believed she was horrible to him as a child. I think even now when my brother and my mother are together this memory is the one strong thing that hits me. I realise that sometimes, some people are always going to enjoy each other’s company more than other people. there is nothing wrong or right with it of course but that is the way things work.


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