30 Day Writing Challenge. DAY 18: Your Beliefs

Okay first off, let me start of by saying sorry for not posting more often and keeping up with the challenge. Was flooded with work and did what I do the best when I have work, wasted away on my bed like a vegetable.


My beliefs. What I believe in. Honestly I think there is so much and so little at the same time. And so dynamic.

I believe you should be humble. A human being needs to be humble before anything and everything else.

Humility is very important to grow as in individual. I think if you aren’t humble, you will grow but not really. Of course that is very personal, I don’t think I can have any growth if I don’t remember humble origins and accept it.

I believe that when life gets tough, step to the side switch on the television and watch friends while eating chicken, drinking and having a tub of Mississippi Mud ice-cream from Basking Robbins

I believe that we are all good and bad and we all manifest good and bad all the time but it’s up to us which we want to live with: The bad version or the Good and whatever you choose, remember it’s your choice and at the end of it you can’t blame another or thank another.


I believe sometimes just staring at the rain or walking in it or playing in it and then falling sick is perfectly okay

I believe we all deserve a chance to be equal even with our differences. I believe that I should be not given the opportunity not because I am brown, a woman, thin but because I may not be skilled enough.

I believe that food, movies and books solve the problems of a broken heart

I believe that we are all different. Our differences make us same. And that is something no one can take away.

I believe that tattoos are beautiful and travelling is for the wise and the passionate

I believe in love and giving it your all.

I believe that sometimes everything that happens, happens for a good reason.

I believe in all that glitters and all that stays

I believe in smiling till your cheeks hurt

I believe in the magic of brownies and chocolate

I believe in the magic of little things and praises and loving another with all your heart so much so that it takes yours and theirs to fill all the loving you have

I believe the best way to discover your self is to go to places you haven’t been to before

I believe that we need to get up and change the world. Or at least do something to change on life. To make a life better.

I believe in fantasy and a magical world

I believe heels make you look sexy as fuck.

I believe flip-flops do that too.

I believe chicken and pani puri were the best inventions in terms of food

I believe in the power of poetry and music. In their power to change the world

I believe in both.

I believe in horoscopes

I believe in Aliens

I believe in being weird

I believe in my dreams

I believe in stories

I believe shitting two times a day make your stomach cleaner than just one time shitting

I believe in lying down and doing nothing


I believe in the world and it’s healing.

I believe in things that make me happy

I believe in things that make me sad

I believe in love.

I believe in them.

I believe in me.

I believe in this.

I believe.


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